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Cause Marketing

The industry's first turn-key cause marketing solution for dealerships.

SOCIALCAUSE is a tool that gives automotive retailers the ability to support local charities in a much easier and more comprehensive way. Dealerships can now build their own charity network, track donations, and drive ROI while building their reputation in the community and their business at the same time. We are offering this great tool at no additional cost.

Feeling good isn't the only benefit

The SOCIALCAUSE platform makes it easy for your store to give back and reap the benefits of supporting your community!

Our experts use targeted social advertising to tie together your charity network with a message of philanthropy.

Here are just a few ad samples with a cause.

Build your own charity network

Easily add any charity from your local community to your network and simplify your giving with donation offers.

Charities register themselves to participate. Dealerships customize when and how much to donate through their offers. We do the rest, so dealerships can donate to any and every charity that asks without hassle.

FREE Marketing Tools

Your charities get these great benefits to help market their cause.

In addition to benefitting from your donation offers, the charities that sign up for your charity network will be provided these great tools to help them market and raise funds for their cause.

FREE Fundraising Platform

Your charities get a Free customized digital fundraising platform including a website and mobile app loaded with new ways to raise money.

Take Car Donations

Your charities now have their own hands-off car donation program. Before this program, only 1% of charities could accept cars as donations.

Exclusive Offers

Your charities receive donations from you through your exclusive donation offers (ex: $5 of every oil change goes to dealer's charity network).


Your charities will be provided tips and best practices, plus a library of customized communications (including your offers) to help them engage their supporters.
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