Cause Marketing for Dealerships | SOCIALDEALER

Coming 2019

The industry's first turn-key cause marketing solution for dealerships.

SOCIALCAUSE is a tool for automotive retailers to promote their local charities, donate unwanted inventory, & build their reputation in their community at no additional cost.

Feeling good isn't the only benefit

The SOCIALCAUSE platform makes it easy for your store to give back and reap the benefits of supporting your community!

Build your own charity network

Add your own charity or choose from millions of causes already in the database.

Dealerships can fully customize when and how much to donate to each of the charities in their network. Or, they can have the donation percentage run automatically once the charities are added to their network.

FREE Marketing Tools

Your charities get these great benefits to help market their cause.

FREE Platform

Your charities get a Free customized digital fundraising platform

Take Car Donations

Your charities now have their own hands-off car donation program. Before this program, only 1% of charities could accept cars as donations.

Exclusive Offers

Exclusive offers from their dealer that benefit their charity. (ex: $5 of every oil change goes to dealer's charity network)


Charities get a free customized website to take donations and their own mobile app with in-app messaging.
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