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We're Speaking at Digital Dealer 26

Wednesday, April 10

Orlando, FL

Jeff Clark

2:25pm - 3:15pm
Wednesday, April 10

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Imagine the Power of Not Only Knowing Every Visitor on Your Lot, but Also Knowing If They Visited Your Neighbor’s Lot or Independent Service Facility
The benefits to dealers of progressive data utilization are undeniable. With Blind Spot Audience Monitoring, your customer’s journey is now complete. No more guessing on who or when. Imagine the power of not only knowing every visitor on your lot but also knowing if they visited your neighbor’s lot or independent service facility. If you were aware of the conditions of your planted seed, you could better plan for a more successful harvest. It’s easy to get lost in the few opportunities we see in hand when in reality, we have an entire field of golden opportunities- we might just not be able to see all of them…until now. It’s time to harvest!

Primary Learning Objectives
  • Discover new technologies for data monitoring.
  • Explore the moral-obligation that marketers face being responsible data harvesters for your dealership.
  • Learn the application and benefits of blind spot audience monitoring.
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