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Are costs on SOCIALDEALER products & services negotiable?
Media spend rates are negotiable, but our team will recommend a customized budget specific to your dealership to ensure we have the proper budget to meet your goals.
Is ROI Guaranteed?
ROI is not guaranteed, however it is our goal to ensure you see the highest ROI we can produce through your advertising efforts.
When do I get billed?
You will be billed on a monthly basis and will receive your invoice prior to the month campaign start date.


What is the recommended ad spend to get optimal results from my social advertising?
Optimal ad spend is determined based on your dealership's goals and initiatives.
I already invest heavily in my digital spend, should I rethink that strategy and put some towards social?
Social advertising should always be a component of your digital advertising strategy as it works in conjunction with additional digital efforts and can boost results across all advertising mediums.
How specific can your targeting get with Facebook?
Utilizing multiple data sources we have the ability to be highly targeted with Facebook ads.
Is social advertising more effective than traditional media?
Yes. Traditional media is very expensive and difficult to target those that are in market for a new vehicle and in YOUR market. It is also very difficult to track a campaign's performance through traditional verticals like TV and radio. Social Advertising, however allows us to get extremely targeted and can track every ad.


How much attention does my dealership get from my SOCIALDEALER account manager?
You will have a dedicated Strategic Account Manager to be there when you need assistance with your social advertising.
How much time do I need to set aside to learn your platform for self-management option?
We recommend setting aside at least on hour to learn our platform.
How many people can we train at the dealership?
We will do the initial training for your team when you enroll and as our partnership grows, your designated Account Manager will provide continuous education on how to best use Facebook products and strategies as they evolve and change.
How do I know I’m getting the best account rep?
SOCIALDEALER is the only company in the automotive industry that now requires all of its account managers to maintain the highest social advertising certification: Facebook Blueprint. They go through over 160 hours of coursework & multiple tests that often take 6 months or more to pass. We can guarantee that the education, professionalism, and attention to your account is in the best hands no matter the manager your dealership is assigned.

Social Media

What’s the difference between social media posting & social media advertising?
Social posting is the posting of organic content to your social pages. Social Media Advertising allocates media spend to an ad utilizing specific audience targeting and ad settings to ensure the right people are seeing the right message at the right time.
What social media channels does your platform & team manage?
We recommend a heavy push on Facebook & Instagram for a quality ROI. However, you can access & manage other social media channels through our platform like Twitter, Linked In.
Does your team do video ads?
Yes, we have a team of creative thinkers that can execute any type of ad.
Does your team do custom organic social posts?
Yes, we can create any ad desired, however there may be an extra monthly fee associated with adding a number of involved custom creative posts as this takes more time outside of our advertising services.


How many sites does your platform manage my reputation across?
Any site where a review regarding your dealership we will be able to show within the platform.
Does your team guarantee a 5-star reputation?
We do not guarantee a 5-star reputation however we do our best to ensure we are assisting in overseeing and managing the review that are submitted by customers.

Promotions & Specials

When can I expect turn around on my FREE dealership reputation & social media assessment?
You can expect your assessment to be presented within 48 hours.
Do you offer discounts for referrals?
At this time, we do not offer discounts for referrals.


What data do you need access to from my dealership?
We will need to be made an Admin on your Facebook page for all products you enroll in. Other data and access will be dependent on the products you sign up for.


How do I cancel?
Although we do not wish to see you go, and will work hard to make sure you receive the best services we can offer… we understand that consistent social advertising is a big commitment. Please contact your account representative to talk about next steps for cancelation and for a brief exit interview so we can improve our products & services.
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