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We could have never predicted these times for our industry.

With dealership’s across the country forced to close their sales departments, we are focusing our efforts to help keep business steady for the back end of the business - service and parts. For almost a decade, our social experts have served the automotive industry with social solutions that help dealers service more cars profitably. During this time, we have created a unique social assistance package that focuses exclusively on service that is quick to launch, affordable, and provides an aggressive data strategy using unique custom audiences to target new customers, active customers, lost customers (those that haven’t been in for service in more than 6 months), and even first responders in your community.
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COVID-19 Service Campaigns that are ready to launch!


We're Open For Business (ACTIVE)

All active service customers will receive a general message that you are still open for business during this time and ready to service their vehicle.

We're Open For Business (LOST)

Customers that have not serviced at your dealership within the past 6 months will receive a separate message with a higher sense of urgency that they are OVERDUE for service and you are ready to service their vehicle now.

Discount for First Responders

Using refined custom audience data from our elite 3rd party data providers, our team will deliver a special message directly to the Essential Medical and Military personnel in your area.

Service Offers

All customers that visit the dealer’s online service scheduler but did not schedule an apt. will be served with 4 specific service coupons of the dealer’s choice. This will provide an incentive for the customer to take further action.

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