There are an infinite number of moving parts to a strong customer service strategy for every car dealer. Your automotive dealership may be excelling at quite a few of them. However, the one moving part that can no longer be ignored is social media. In today’s world, a strong presence on social media is crucial to your customers’ relationship with your business. Working with a social media agency can give you an advantage over other car dealerships. Here are five reasons why.

  1. Build Authentic Relationships – Social media vastly impacts your customer service due to its ability to give companies direct access to its target audience. When you present your consumers with an outlet and look to establish an authentic relationship with them, they are more likely to be open about the changes they would like to see, and how that business could enhance their overall performance. The ability to respond not only in a timely matter, but consistently can make a dramatic difference in consumer to company relationships.
  2. Breeds Transparency with Customers– When your automotive dealership is actively present on social media, it allows your customers to be more informed in comparison to relying on traditional media. Customers can watch your social activities within your dealership and community, as well as your ability to respond to complaints and how well you implement suggested feedback. Car dealerships can also announce policy as well as operational changes right when they happen.
  3. Creates Easy Follow Up– It does not matter if a customer is asking a question, leaving a review, or just adding in their two cents to the conversation. The follow-up process from automotive dealerships becomes as easy as click -> reply with the right social media agency working with your dealership.
  4. Reputation Management– A presence on social media can help you to manage your online automotive dealership reputation. Whether or not you are on social media, people are talking about your business. Being present on social media allows you to respond in a positive way to the comments posted. Showing a good level of customer service will not only help you return positive feedback and limit the damage of any negative posts but will also help manage your overall online reputation.
  5. Quicker Response Times– One thing consumers cannot stand about customer service is that it often wastes their time. Using social media is a way customers can contact you instantly and remove the haunting dread of getting stuck on hold for far too long. If you are on social media, not only is your response time significantly quicker, but you can also acknowledge their query instantly and get back to them as soon as you find a resolution to their problem without forcing your customers to wait around.