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Our proprietary digital fencing technology allows us to digitally fence any area in the united states. Once we polygon out a region, anyone that enters it is able to be sent to Social Dealer and added to custom audiences on Facebook.


Increase visibility of your store's inventory.

Augment Your Traditional Marketing Efforts with SocialFuel Digital Fencing Technology

When an auto dealership wants to utilize digital advertising to promote service specials and other offers to potential customers that have physically visited a particular location, they use Social Dealers SocialFuel digital fencing technology
  • Loyalty Marketing- Drive loyalty marketing strategies by targeting customers who have previously visited your physical location.
  • Competitor Conquesting- Target consumers who have visited a competitor’s location and build a unique audience of potential customers who have already expressed interest in a similar product or service.
  • Custom Audiences- Create custom audiences of potential customers who have visited specific locations of interest relevant to your product or service.
  • Event Targeting- Build a relevant audience of customers who have attended an event within a specific day and timeframe, and target them later with Facebook ads.


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