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"But, Does it Sell Cars" is an audio collaboration exploring social advertising results that will positively affect your dealership’s bottom line. Answering the question: Does social media actually help you sell more cars?


NEW! Episode Four

From Social to Showroom

EPISODE FOUR: Featuring renowned dealership trainer, Jennifer Suzuki, learn how to nurture your social media channels and build customer relationships in the showroom sales process. "We focus so much on traditional advertising and traditional sales process, but not everybody is a traditional customer." – Jennifer Suzuki

Free Social to Showroom Planning Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help develop an action plan for your dealership based on the content provided in the episode by showroom trainer Jennifer Suzuki.


Episode One

The 5 Social Myths in Automotive

EPISODE ONE: We're exploring the misconceptions and false statements traveling around the automotive industry as it relates to social. Discover the truths about automotive social advertising and learn where it's headed in the near future!

Episode Two

The Audience Shift

EPISODE TWO: Ever wonder how to keep your marketing efforts progressive with the times? Learn how to create new audiences for hyper-targeted campaigns through Facebook and more...

Episode Three

Show Me the Money!

EPISODE THREE: How much ad spend does it take to run a successful social campaign? We're talking about the money AND the ROI. Learn how social advertising fits in with your overall digital spend.

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