Twitter Talks

Do you dream of your dealership being the topic of conversation in your community? If you want to have your voice stand out against the crowd, then Twitter might be the right fit for you.

Unless you are fresh to social media, it is no secret that the brands finding their voice on Twitter can easily find themselves becoming a trending topic. But how are they doing this, and can you accomplish that same feat for yourself? The answer is simply yes, anyone can do this. However, it takes proper cultural relevance, planning, commitment, monitoring, and social listening for successful execution.

Let’s break down the steps to make that happen.

Cultural Relevance

Twitter is what’s happening right now. Users change from a “look at me” attitude from other social sites to one that says “look at this”. Honing in on what your target audience is talking about globally, or in the local community, is what will put your voice to the forefront of what’s happening. Don’t be afraid to join the conversation and add in your own touch of personality or sense of humor. By doing this you will keep your viewers engaged and coming back to hear more of your thoughts.


There is no such thing as successful branding without the use of proper planning in place. A content calendar is the key to writing all the topics you desire to discuss down and laying them out in a way that makes sense for your goals. Do you wish to give out play-by-plays as an event unfolds? Do you want to put in your thoughts on an upcoming topic?  Write it all down.

Remember, on Twitter, it isn’t always about you. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Find ways to connect with your target audience by pulling in from the culturally relevant factors that are important to them and sprinkling in your niche for a personalized touch.


A superior planning strategy is nothing without commitment. Set responsibilities and deadlines to members of your business or a partnering agency like SOCIALDEALER to ensure successful execution.


A business can have the best or worst strategy campaign in the world, but you would never know it unless you are monitoring your KPIs. Being able to view all your metrics in one place makes it simple to see what worked, what didn’t, and how you can strategize for the month ahead.

Social Listening

Social listening goes beyond collecting metrics on how your posts or ads are performing. Take note of the mood of your audience. It’s important to see them reacting, but is it in a positive or negative light? Once you take in those subjective factors around you in addition to your KPIs, and you know what your audience is ACTUALLY saying, you can use this information to formulate future strategies and campaigns to keep your brand trending in the right direction.

Do you want to give Twitter a try? Connect with one of our expert team members today to review your FREE Social Health Check.