Why Your Dealership Should Not Ignore TikTok

Within  6 very short  years after launching, TikTok has been downloaded over 3 billion times via Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you have yet to hear about TikTok yet, then we still have much to teach you. But, chances are if you aren’t already actively using the platform for your own personal scrolling, you have at least heard the buzz about it from friends and family. TikTok is a unique social media platform that focuses on sharing short, natural, relatable videos that users may customize with subtitles and eye-catching overlays that are frequently matched to trendy and popular music. 

Now, that sounds great for catching a few moments of entertainment while you sit on the couch or wait in the lobby at your dentist’s office; but why should you care about TikTok as it relates to a car dealership? The biggest reason – TikTok users can create a vast mix of content, catering to the automotive business, audience, and niche, unlike other major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Let’s take a dive into some of the reasons why your dealership  shouldn’t be ignoring TikTok.

Increase Brand Awareness 
Let your local audience know you are here by capitalizing on local specific hashtags. Not only will it help expand your online presence, it will let your potential customer base know you are approachable and here to talk! TikTok isnt just for Gen Z anymore either. All ages gather on TikTok not only to learn and watch, but  to become creators. 

Budget Friendly for Advertisers 
“Your money won’t  jiggle jiggle, it folds” as you spend less dollars at the ad auction as compared to Meta and reach a wide audience using TikTok advertising. With less competition, your ads will be able to get placed in front of more targeted users. In addition to paid ads, businesses have the option to create organic content as well. When posting on trend and consistently, your Organic TikToks have the ability be viewed by a wide audience thanks to the advanced algorithm being used. With the help of SOCIALDEALER, your dealership can have ads running on TikTok before the end of the week!

Connect With Customers on a Relaxed Level 
TikTok was never meant to feel like a polished platform. The social channel is intended for users to promote and express themselves using a laid back, user generated content approach that is obtainable to anyone with a smartphone. What does that mean for your car dealership ? Cheap and authentic marketing! Talk to your employees and see who might be interested in helping create your TikToks. Some common approaches for car dealerships are to use TikToks as a way to showcase new inventory, talk about car care tips, show off what’s happening around the store, document how you like to get involved with the community,  or just make your audience laugh! By communicating on this relaxed, positive level, you could be opening the door to an audience base that may have been on the fence about approaching your store due to the stigma about “the hassles of car buying”. 

Easy to Find and Execute New Trends
Have you ever heard the phrase “I saw it on TikTok”? That’s because Tiktok has become THE platform where trends come alive. If you want to stay in-the-know of what consumers are talking about and connecting with, a quick scroll through your “For You” page will easily give you the answers you are looking for. Once you find a trend you like, you can either create original content using the audio or action, make a duet, or stitch it the video together with your commentary. The possibilities can be endless. Who knows, you could create a brand new piece of content that becomes a trend bigger than “It’s Corn!” overnight. 

Do the endless possibilities of this platform excite or overwhelm you? It can seem like a big undertaking to get started, but with the added support of the team at SOCIALDEALER, you’ll be able to hit the ground running. Our team of social experts can guide you on trends, topics, and even create the content for you when raw footage is provided for Paid and Organic on TikTok. Want to learn more about how we can guide your business to success on TikTok? Contact us today to book a FREE Social Health Check